Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Este es un video que hicimos para el libro de Marianela y se trata de unos cuantos estudiantes en mi clase y lo que pensamos del libro en forma de entrevistas. Espero que lo disfruten!

Video de Marianela

There are many things that I have learned from having created a blog this year. Obviously, the things I would have learned throughout would have ben very different if we hadn't come to class and focused so much on writing blog posts. I have learned how to write on only one certain topic and then give the reader as much information I can about that topic. Wether that consists from the World Cup or from small book reviews. However, from that I have learned that you should always give the reader links from where you got your information because you should never leave the person confused from where you got all your research. Some of my favorite activities that I have enjoyed doing throughout the year has been learning about the World Cup because it is an upcoming even that I am excited about and don't mind actually finding information on this topic. I don't believe that I will continue writing blog posts continuously, however if I ever do encounter something relating to spanish and I wish to share it, I definitely know the first place that I will go to do this. Overall, I have learned how to focus my thoughts and how to write them all down and that has been something that I have enjoyed about this project of having a blog.